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When we hit the road, there was no road.


OPDİMA is committed to protecting people and the environment from the effects that may occur during the construction of the business.


In order to be successful in our business, all risks at all levels must be defined, eliminated and reduced in a planned and systematic way. Inspection of health, safety and environmental risks is a top priority. This understanding of management is : " Protect human, protect the environment: Work for zero accidents. ”


OPDİMA declares that it will comply strictly with the national and international standards and regulations and health, safety and environmental regulations and laws required by the work in all business activities.


         In this respect, it will effectively implement this methodology with a methodology that will meet the following requirements:


  • Creating a healthy working environment,
  • In order to avoid possible accidents, plans are made, procedures are established, practices and continuity are ensured,
  • Establishment and protection of OHS awareness through training and awards at every stage of the project,
  • Promoting open-mindedness and participation in OHS related issues among employees;
  • Ensuring appropriate and appropriate OHS trainings for employees;
  • Ensuring that the level of risk is reduced to the lowest possible level through demonstrating the necessary attention to environmental issues in all activities
  • Planning to use the area, energy and material resources effectively, - To work on the elimination, emission and / or reduction of emissions, wastewater and wastes, which are known to have a negative impact on the environment.

One of our main goals as OPDİMA; it is not only about establishing good communication with relevant institutions and organizations, but also providing a large scale of added value to the general public.