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Field Of Activity


The Company's activities include mainly power plants, industrial complexes, oil and gas facilities and steel construction activities.

Our main fields of activity are;

• Basic Engineering
• Detailed Engineering
• Project Supply and Supervision Services
• Construction works
• Mechanical Installation
• Process Piping Manufacturing and Erection
• Structural Steel Manufacturing and Erection

• Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation Works
• Commissioning and Commissioning Services
• Project management

OPDİMA scope for the above mentioned activities, in the form of Engineering-Procurement-Building-Project Management and / or in any other combination according to the requirements of the contract. Our responsibility in the project may vary depending on the contracting strategy of the customers, such as construction, electromechanical contracting or the main contractor who undertakes the whole scope. In these projects, we are able to take a role as a Contractor or Partner or as Consortium member.


Engineering & Project Management


OPDİMA has a dynamic group that carries out engineering studies in accordance with international standards and codes in various disciplines. These engineering activities are carried out with our own resources as well as with the reputable companies of the sector.


• Engineering for steel and composite structures


• Detailed engineering for power plants, refineries, oil and gas plants


• Electrical and instrumentation engineering for facilities and networks


• All kinds of mechanical detail engineering


• Project management, planning, procurement and logistics, cost control, site management


OPDİMA provides comprehensive and qualified contractor services in the fields of construction, installation and project management, and uses the resources needed to complete the projects within the time and budgets. In all of its commitments, OPDİMA fulfills all requirements arising from local and international regulations.


• Construction of Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Composite Structures

• Water and Sewerage Networks and Pump Stations

• High reinforced concrete chimney and cooling towers

• Superstructure Works


• Thermal Power Plants - Coal Fired

• Natural Gas Power Plants

• Wind Power Plants

• Geothermal Power Plants

Power Plant Systems:

• Boiler Mounting (For Pressurized and Non-Pressure Parts) • Turbine - Generator Installation

• Coal and Ash Systems

• Cooling Systems

• Electrofilters & Flue Gas Purification Systems

• Waste Heat Boiler

• Water Grouting Systems

• Pressure Piping

Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals:

• Compressor Stations

• Gas Processing Plant

• Ammonia and Urea Plants

• Refinery Units - Distillation, Hidrokraking,

• Process Piping

Industrial Plants:

• Cement Plants

• Iron and Steel Factories: Sinter, Rolling Mill, Coal and Ore Preparation, Steel Mill, Conveyor, Dust Collection

• Purification of wastewater

• Fuel Storage Stations




OPDİMA supplies products with the most appropriate quality and quality to its customers' goals. With its supply network, it provides customers with direct procurement opportunity and provides full support to their customers in order to be able to execute their purchasing processes in the fastest and easiest way possible.


• Industrial plant equipment; Pipe, valve, pump, tank, heat exchanger, etc.


• Structural and architectural materials; From steel construction to detail architecture


• Electrical materials and equipment; Generators, MCC, electrical boards, instruments, etc.

Production Activities

OPDİMA, together with its strategic partners, has the opportunity to produce various sizes to meet the needs of its customers. It ensures the continuity of operations by supplying the project specific materials to its customers in order to ensure the performance of the operations at the highest level in the application projects.

• Steel construction

• Pressurized and Non-Pressurized Containers

• Steam Boilers

• Pipe Prefabrication

• Tank

• Air Ducts

• Busbar Channels