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When we hit the road, there was no road.

OPDİMA has a dynamic group that carries out engineering studies in accordance with international standards and codes in various disciplines. These engineering activities are carried out with our own resources as well as with the reputable companies of the sector.

OPDİMA provides comprehensive and qualified contractor services in the fields of construction, installation and project management, and uses the resources needed to complete the projects within the time and budgets.

OPDİMA, together with its strategic partners, has the opportunity to produce various sizes to meet the needs of its customers. In the application projects, it provides the project specific materials to its customers to provide the highest level of performance of the transactions.



OPDİMA is engaged in investment and several construction businesses in all over Turkey, Middle East, some countries in South and East Africa.


Our firm gives services essentially in cement plant, energy switchboards, gas, petrol and petrochemistry production and storage, and projecting, management of the projects, production, supplying and assembly of the areas such as equipment, instrumentation, reinforced concrete and/or steel construction, mechanical, electrical, piping, machinery of industrial facilities construction projects.

OPDİMA has also gained an extensive experience with its key – ready social and luxurious houses, hotels, commercial buildings construction projects as investor, project manager, and contractor. There are completed and to be completed investments in the locations mentioned above.

Our firm is also experienced in construction projects and productions of site investigation, site improvement techniques and applications, road, channel and foundation works, water drilling, clean/dirty water refining facilities, water stores and pumping stations.


OPDİMA served succesfully for Limak, ENKA, Polimeks GAMA, Tüpras, TTOPCO, OMV, QAIWAN Group, Mass Global, EnerjiSA, Fritolay and many others etc. Projects until 2018.